15 January 2020

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Community Nutrition

In developing countries, public health problems related to malnutrition and unbalanced nutrition and chronic diseases observed as a result of excessive and unbalanced nutrition in developed countries are seen together. For this reason, community nutrition in preventive health services today is of great importance in taking precautions before nutrition problems occur in society, correcting and improving nutrition status in society and preserving health. It is necessary to develop strategies to improve the nutritional status of special groups (infants and children, pregnant and pacifiers, elderly, workers, athletes) living in different cultures and social structures, and to identify the factors affecting nutrient consumption and to plan nutritional education through scientific means. In this respect, it is the department that conducts studies to determine the nutritional status of the society and to determine and evaluate the problems, to determine the priorities, to search, propose, implement for solutions for the improvement of the general nutritional level of the country and to raise the awareness of the society and to determine national food and nutrition plans and policies.